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Among so many meanings, improving means favoring. To submit something to processes that allow posterior consumption, after being treated, in order to promote any benefit, after transformed. It is exactly in this context that Renova Beneficiamento is found.

Established in 1986, the plant located in the municipality of Arujá, holder of the title of "City Nature", in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, was created to meet the market of improvement of solid waste, offering services of management and final destination to any type of industrial waste generated by industries of all segments, in an environmentally correct way. Thus, the company assumed the operational and legal responsibility that may apply over such activity, ensuring clients and partners the transformation of such leftover materials into a material that is ecologically correct, acting in a systematic way, through effective actions towards sustainable growth, with total respect towards the environment. A rigid ethic and business posture that guaranteed respect, credibility, and emphasis to the Group in the market.

Get more acquainted about Renova Beneficiamento, its initiatives and differentials, and understand why we are one of the best companies of environmental solutions nowadays.

Environmental management

The proper treatment and destination given to the industrial waste have gained emphasis in the global context, whether due to the advance towards ISO 14001 certification or due to the commitment with Social Liability. Companies from the most different industrial sectors have been increasingly concerned about the treatment of the generated waste. This occurs not only due to the environmental legislation, more and more restrictive, but also, mainly, because the companies are getting to the conclusion that they may profit from almost everything that is discarded.
Renova Beneficiamento offers environmentally correct management and final destination services to any type of industrial waste, generated by industries of all segments, thus taking over full operating and legal responsibility that may be applied over such activity.

Waste storage yard

The services of waste management include:

• Internal logistics of industrial waste;
• Separation, packaging, and, if necessary, de-characterization, at the facilities of the company, of the several types of waste collected, according to the needs of final destination;
• Transportation of classified waste to the locations of final disposal, observing the applicable legal rules;
• Controlling, requesting, and management of the licenses and authorizations related to waste arrangement and transportation;
• Final destination of waste.




What does Environmental Counseling mean?

Even knowing about the need of having an efficient Environmental Management and Policy System, companies not always are technically ready for the respective implementation.

To serve these industries, Renova Beneficiamento offers counseling provided by highly qualified professionals, in the matters of environment and social liability, by means of:

• Survey of needs of a process of ISO 14001 and/or S/A 8000 certification;
• Legal monitoring, with the analysis of the environmental legislation and preparation of the necessary documentation;
• Analysis of the impact that the process may bring to the daily working routine;
• Diagnosis of the actions that must be implemented for the beginning of the SGA;
• Training and guidance to collaborators, aiming at the success of the SGA implementation;
• Projections for the implementation period and conclusion of the certification process.


ISO 14001

Renova Beneficiamento is certified since 2001 with ISO 14001, one of the main certificates of quality of the market, focused on processes of environmental management, being one of the few in its segment granted with such certificate.
The conquest of this important certificate of quality is one more item of safety and reliability to clients, since there are guarantees of the efficiency of the recycling process used by Renova Beneficiamento.
Renova Beneficiamento carries out in its plant, in Arujá, the due processes of improvement and final destination of industrial solid waste, following the highest standards of quality. This allows any company that generates waste to have the whole safety that a company committed with correct environmental policies and sustainable growth need.



The Environmental Management System of Renova Beneficiamento is grounded by the normative model of NBR ISO 14001, version 2004, of the Brazilian Association for Technical Standards (ABNT).

According to the guidelines of its environmental policy, Renova Beneficiamento manages, within rigid principles of ethics and efficiency, its activities related to the environment, by optimizing, for instance, the use of energy, water, and raw materials.

The final objective is always the environmental preservation and the preservation of natural resources, which means excellence towards the environment.




Types of waste

Renova Beneficiamento holds licenses of permanent installation and operation issued by Cetesb, the controlling agency of environment in the State of São Paulo. With such licenses, the company is duly authorized to receive and improve industrial waste from plants containing iron or aluminum in its composition, including those deemed hazardous, from classes I and II.

The main industrial wastes improved by the company are:

• Dreg from Boring
• Blankets, papers, cotton waste, and filtered cloth
• Cut Dreg
• Honing Dreg
• Electro-erosion Dreg
• Iron dust
• Jetting dust
• Iron scale
• Sand and sawdust contaminated with oil
• Diatomaceous Earth
• Wastes containing iron in their composition.

As an environmental rule, Renova only receives waste for the due treatment with the certificate of authorization for disposal of industrial waste, issued by the environmental agency of the State.

Renova Beneficiamento also counts on a laboratory for the analysis of all types of waste that are received, according to the criteria established for evaluation.


Renova Beneficiamento uses the best technique currently available on the market for the improvement of industrial solid waste received. The technique is considered as the most efficient, as it transforms the material resulting from the process of waste treatment into raw material, which may be reused, for instance, in noble operations of steel plants.

The improvement occurs with the thermal destruction of the contamination items present in the solid waste, such as oil. This material is the first one submitted for specific storage boxes, and after a few other processes of separation, the material is sent to a rotating drying oven, which transforms the material resulting from the waste treatment process into raw material to other industries.

All the materials resulting from the improvement process of the waste have environmentally correct final destination. Even the gas generated in the process of separation of oil from the waste undergoes a treatment process, in a post-burner, operating at a temperature of 1,200 degrees with the purpose of burning such generated gas, leaving this process without the organic compounds that could contaminate the air.

Periodically, with the support of the responsible environmental agency, Renova collects the final gas to make analyses and to test the efficiency of the treatment process.

Transportation Requirements

Renova Beneficiamento meets all safety rules established by the Legislation, and thus counts on its own fleet of vehicles, adapted to receive and transport with the necessary care all the solid waste from the industries.

In addition to vehicles specifically prepared for this type of transportation, Renova adopts a series of preventive safety measures, such as contracts with companies that provide emergency services in case of problems with the vehicles.

With initiatives such as this one, Renova Beneficiamento increases safety in the transportation and minimizes risks.

Check out a few other measures adopted by Renova to ensure safety in the transportation of industrial solid waste:

• Certificate of capacitation for the transportation of hazardous waste, issued by Inmetro.
• Numbering signs by the UN and Risk Labels, as of NBR 7500.
• Envelopes and emergency sheets for the waste transported, as of NBR 7503, NBR 7504, and NBR 8285.
• Manifesto of industrial waste transportation and identification of hazardous waste, as of NBR 13221.
• Drivers trained especially to transport hazardous waste and with the due certification - MOPE.


Final Disposal

After undergoing a safe and efficient process of improvement, the industrial solid wastes received by Renova Beneficiamento are transformed into raw material for other companies’ use, concluding a cycle of recycling and reuse.

The oily emulsion resulting from the waste treatment procedure, for instance, is also destined for reuse in another company.


Improvement Unit

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