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Social Liability.
Change from within.


Our scope of action, related to sustainable attitudes, is not merely limited to our clients. This is why we are concerned with applying the essence of this concept of sustainability, in practice, to our collaborators and the communities in which we are located; we emphasize the relevance of economic and social pillars, in this structure, that help us balance profit and preservation of natural resources, highlighting the care with the greatest assets of an institution: the human being.

Focused on the care with the health and quality of life of our employees, with the institution of CIPA (Internal Commission for Accident Prevention), with the constant conductions of environmental emergency simulations; first aids; fire brigades, and lectures of education towards nature, from which know-how will be then transmitted thereby to relatives.

We also participate in events and expos for the production of technology, solutions, and services focused on the preservation of the ecosystem and sustainable growth, where we strengthen our commitment with our view, mission, and values.

In addition to the internal reuse of water and works with the population in the surrounding area of our units, conducted with the specific purpose of promoting the development of environmental awareness and education of the local population, benefiting all, also improving the quality of life of the group.

Acting in such a manner, we make that our values are exercised and improved internally, crossing our walls and achieving directly the world that surrounds us.