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Reciclagem SERVICE

Co-processing consists of a technique used to destroy industrial waste in a responsible and definitive basis, without the creation of environmental liabilities.

At the same time, it is a form of replacing raw materials and fossil fuels, recovering energy and materials that would be wasted, thus preserving the resources for the next generations.

With the purpose of increasing the offer of solutions to its clients and also exploring new alternative sources of energy that have been neglected for a long time, Grupo Renova invested in the market of co-processing of waste. Using several types of waste, the company extracts the high calorific power of these raw materials and produces fuels powerful enough to maintain the cement factories’ ovens duly overheated.

With co-processing, the company heavily invested in the acquisition of high technology equipments, such as grinders, granulators, calorimetric pumps, and selective ion measurers, in addition to the necessary adaptations to its facilities, in order to engage in the segment.