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Energy from waste for the construction of a sustainable world.

The search for new sources of energy, capable of replacing raw materials and fossil fuels, recovering this potential from materials that would be discarded, is an action already adopted by developed countries, since the 1970’s, as well as a solution that has been increasingly sought in our country, as it preserves the resources for the next generations. Thus, allied with the intention of offering new solutions to the customers, exploiting new alternative sources of energy, Grupo Renova created the waste treatment unit, referred to as Renova Tratamento [Renova Treatment], headquartered in Arujá – São Paulo, and acting exclusively in the segment of co-processing.

A technique used to destroy industrial waste in a responsible and definitive basis, without the creation of environmental liabilities, extracting the high calorific power of these raw-materials destined to the production of fuels powerful enough to maintain the partner companies’ ovens overheated, for which we provide such services.




  • Gummed and polymerized paint dreg; solvents; resins; glues and latex without free liquids;
  • Cloths; cotton waste; gloves; Personal Protective Equipment; rubbers; woods; plastic; paper; cardboard; empty packages; catalysts and filters in general;
  • Soil and sawdust contaminated with oil; greases; solvents and other chemical products;
  • Muds from the Effluent Treatment Plant (“ETE”) (waste containing metals, from the process of treatment of industrial effluents);
  • Gummy oil dreg, stored in cleaning equipment of lines; oil tanks; lubrication of machinery and contention boxes, in addition to waste from other processes;
  • Refractory material for coating of ovens.

Trituration Line



  • Meet the subscribed and legal requirements, to its activities, products, and services;

  • Establish, implement, and maintain objectives, goals, and a management system that is suitable with its environmental aspects;

  • Identify, monitor, and control the environmental impacts from its activities, products, and services, in order to reduce damages to the environment, with a special attention to soil and underground waters.

  • Manage industrial waste, improving its recycling, and offering analyses within the best standards;

  • Ensure the best performance in the reuse of waste;

  • Optimize, whenever possible, the use of energy, water, and raw-material, aiming at preserving natural resources;

  • Continuously improve its environmental performance, always searching for the prevention from pollution, by adopting measures technically and economically feasible.




Co-processing consists of a technique used to destroy industrial waste in a responsible and definitive basis, without the creation of environmental liabilities.

At the same time, it is a form of replacing raw materials and fossil fuels, recovering energy and materials that would be wasted, thus preserving the resources for the next generations.

With the purpose of increasing the offer of solutions to its clients and also exploring new alternative sources of energy that have been neglected for a long time, Grupo Renova invested in the market of co-processing of waste. Using several types of waste, the company extracts the high calorific power of these raw materials and produces fuels powerful enough to maintain the cement factories’ ovens duly overheated.

With co-processing, the company heavily invested in the acquisition of high technology equipments, such as grinders, granulators, calorimetric pumps, and selective ion measurers, in addition to the necessary adaptations to its facilities, in order to engage in the segment.

At all stages of alternative fuel production, having as final destination the partner companies of Grupo Renova. Through a highly qualified and tracked process, all loads received are duly sampled and analyzed in the laboratory owned by the company, before being processed.

From this evaluation, a complex productive system begins, taking into account the characteristics of each waste, as to obtain the best quality “CDR” (fuel derived from waste) as possible to be used at the cement factories. The procedure as a whole is carefully followed by laboratorial analyses, which guarantees excellence and accuracy for the destination of the waste and production of the CDR, in addition to providing absolute confidence to the clients.

Productive Process:

Processo de Produção




Operating Unit of Grinding and Preparation of CDR.

Estrada de Acesso à Cimbagé, s/n.
Candiota – RS - 96495-000
Fone: (53) 3245-7474

Operating unit of grinding and preparation of CDR from class II waste, mainly destined to the Shoe Industry.

The waste is prepared to be used at the pre-calming chamber or main torch, with thermal substitute of fuels for the oven.

This operation guarantees the complete elimination of slashes, since the waste is co-processed in the ovens, providing total safety to the client with the issuance of certificates of thermal destruction, allowing the closing of the sustainable cycle of the process as a whole.





Av. Takara Belmont, 178 - Centro Industrial de Arujá - Arujá - SP - 07411-710
Fone: 55 11 4655-2445   4655-4893


Estrada de Acesso à Cimbagé, s/n. - Candiota – RS - 96495-000
Telefone: 55 53 3245-7474